Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Get .ME Domain Name for Free

The .me extension was assigned to Montenegro as a country code after it became an independent nation in June 2006. However, the Montenegro government decided .me would be operated as a generic name after considering the potential worldwide appeal for the extension.
Your page on a .ME domain is the best way to create a beautiful, personalized web presence.

Why to Choose .ME Domain Name

Standout from the crowd by owning YourName.ME.
  1. Free .ME domain 
  2. Get a free .ME domain and email address ($20 value).
  3. Custom domain
  4. Display your page on your own domain.
  5. Minimize branding
Create a cleaner look by removing the navigation bar from your page.
Note: only one .ME per person will be offered. In the case of an abuse of this offer, all of the domains will be deleted and the account will be blocked.

How to Get Free .COM Domain Name for Free

Using a custom domain on your blog instead of subdomains like or is always a great thing for any blog.As it give your blog a professional look on the eye of your blog reader,but it's never easy to buy a custom domain as it's not came in free of cost.So for that reason many blogger give up the
hope to use a custom domain for their blog instead of just using a subdomain,but if you could get a top level domain like .com,.net or .org in absolutely free of cost.Isn't it cool enough?Yes surely it is.Recently Google have launched Wisconsin Get Your Business Online Program.

How to Get Free .COM for  Free - Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit
  2. Register there and confirm email account.
  3. Select 50,000$ or less and Click on Start Crowdfunding and enter 100$
  4. Enter your project Details (Random Info)
  5. It doesn't needs to be long. Just 2-3 lines and yes salutations are respected.
  6. Now At last you need to add any video.(Take any video from youtube related to your project name. Doesn't needs to be connected with project.They don't see that video.)
  7. After you made the project. You get a link to your Project.
  8. Just get 10 facebook likes on that project page.
  9. After that within 1 hour you will get an email with details to Redeem your Free Domain from Hostgator.
  10. Please Enter correct details while redeeming domains. Hostgator needs them to verify or they will cancel your domain.
Enjoy Free Domains...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What is domain name? - Intro to Domain Name

What is domain name?

If you are new to IT, you probably heard about "domain name" and you might be questioning yourself "What is a domain name ?". Well before we dive deeper into answering the question "what is a domain name? " , let us first clear our self with some basics on "what is a domain name? " then we could dive deeper into defining Domain names, Their types, TLD's, How to register domain name and much more beyond if you keep on reading.

What is Top, Second & Third Level Domain Name

What is Top level Domain Name ?

A top level domain name is generally denoted to .com,.net and .org extension. A top level is also denoted as TLD. In the hierarchical domain system a top level domain occupies root zone of DNS(Domain name system). So every top level domain fills the first level of DNS zone also known as top zone or root zone.In 1980's, When DNS was designed, the Domain Name Space was given two division

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

Domain registeration means to registering a name for your business, service or product online. Domain names registration have become compulsary for both big business and small business. A business or even a small firm could not even think of standing out in the market without protecting their business name online. With more than a million of domains registered daily it has become